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Why you should invest in your CV

  • Your CV is your first (and sometimes) only chance to make a positive impression on an employer
  • The average job post receives over 500 applicants, a stellar CV can help you stand out from other applicants and land a job interview.
  • Our CV experts know what employers look for and will help take your CV to the next level

About Us

Our mission:

To support GCC youth in pursuit of their career aspirations.

Our beliefs:

The key to attaining a career with a better work environment, more senior role and better compensation is to have an impeccable CV that highlights your individuals strengths. A powerful CV is a sales tool that enables you to attain a job interview and moves you one step closer to your dream job.

Our writers:

Our team of expert writers is trained to identify and highlight your strengths and create an impactful CV for you. We are committed to helping you land a job interview, quickly! We are industry professionals and know how to make your CV stand out from other applicants. Our team has extensive experience in résumé writing and recruitment in the GCC. We have written CVs for individuals from diverse industries including oil & gas, medicine, advertising, consulting, and investment banking.

Our commitments to you

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

    We will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with your new CV.

  • Custom tailored to you

    We never recycle CVs. Every CV is written according to your individual strengths and aspirations.

  • Free from grammar and spelling mistakes

    Your CV is guaranteed to be free from all grammatical and spelling errors.

  • Clear, easy to read template

    Your CV will be on a streamlined, professional template, guaranteed to appease employers.


When I first started writing my CV I was confused what employers were looking for. After using the same templates as my friends and not seeing results I decided to take a risk and try Wadhefty. I was surprised they know how to write about me better than I know how to write about myself. I wish I found Wadhefty sooner!

Norah A.Digital Media Planner

I majored in engineering because I wanted to avoid writing, so you can imagine how frustrating I found the process of writing my CV. After hours of looking at templates and advice online I decided to give Wadhefty a try. I was ecstatic with how much their writers improved my CV. Now I can get back to not writing 🙂

Abdullah M.Field Engineer

Wadhefty’s CV editing helped me get a job with a consulting firm in Dubai! Before using Wadhefty I had spent over 3 months trying to secure a job interview. I didn’t realize how big of a difference a CV could make..

Tala J.Management Consultant

I was looking for my first job after graduating from King Saud University. I thought that my CV wouldn’t matter since I didn’t have any work experience. After months of job searching one recruiter told me that my CV could be better written. I tried Wadhefty’s CV writing service  and I couldn’t recognize my own CV afterwards.

Tarek A.HR specialist